About Us

"Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything."  

We are an interactive pet care facility, that caters to the pet owner who wants the best care and accommodations for their pets.

The Bend Pet Resort was opened in 1987, and is located on 10 park-like acres on the southeast side of Bend Oregon. It is a clean modern facility where your pet can be boarded comfortably and safely. Your pet is watched over by an experienced; well trained and caring staff while you are away. The Bend Pet Resort is all indoors heated and air conditioned facility with lots of outdoor play areas. Our rooms are large and can accommodate families with multiple dogs sharing a run. We have both basic rooms and Full Luxury Suites with T.V's.

The Bend Pet Resort is the most interactive boarding facility in the area offering VIP nature walks as well as fully supervised private or community playtimes for your dog. All dogs are outdoors at least 3 times a day and given plenty of human attention. We have the largest staff of any boarding facility in the area. For the feline guests we offer window condos with multiple climbing shelves in a warm separate area away from our canine guests. We also have double sized condos for families with multiple cats.

The Bend Pet Resort is also one of the most popular grooming shops in the area. We have a groomer with years of experience to give your pet the perfect groom every time. We use the Hydro-Surge bathing system to get the old shedding coat out better and get the pet cleaner than traditional bathing. We give each and every grooming customer the time and caring touch to make their experience a positive one.

Owner Ken Granacki has owned the Bend Pet Resort since 2002. He has brought with him 30 years of experience in the dog business with raising, caring for, and showing some of the top dogs in the country.  He has taken this wonderful facility and turned it into the most popular pet care facility in all of Central Oregon. They now offer Doggy Daycare Monday through Friday to help your pet get the exercise and socialization they need. The facility and staff make the Bend Pet Resort your pet’s favorite place to go. Stop in anytime for a tour.


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