Bend Pet Resort is bringing the 3rd Annual Barks & Recreation back to Bend, Oregon!

Happening May 28th in Drake Park in Bend, Oregon, the 3rd annual Barks and Rec is an event NOT to be missed!

The Bend event is being sponsored by Bend Pet Resort, and there will be LOTS of other vendors there, as well.

We'll have lots of contests for you and your pups, too.

Contests are:
Best Doppelganger (owner/pet look alike)
Pie Eating Contest
Best Trick
Best Kisser
Best Hair
Best Voice

Sign Up HERE for the Barks and Rec contests:

Bend Pet Resort presents Barks and Recreation in Bend Oregon

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Bend Pet Resort caters to all types of pet personalities in Bend, Oregon for dog and cat boarding services

So whether your dog LOVES the snow, or would rather curl up inside where it's warm, the Bend Pet Resort has you covered!

We got another dusting of snow last night, and looks like there's more on the way in upcoming weeks, so it just might be a cold Spring Break after all.

That's GREAT NEWS for those planning on hitting the slopes while visiting in Bend, Oregon. Just drop off your dog with Bend Pet Resort for a day of doggie daycare and we'll return a happy pup to you!

Check out more about what Bend Pet Resort offers.

 Bend Pet Resort - dog boarding - prepping for a snowy winter break in Bend Oregon

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Spring Break is almost upon us! While you're busy finalizing travel plans, have you thought of what to do with your PETS while you're away?

Bend Pet Resort is here for your Bend, Oregon dog boarding and cat boarding needs!

Bend Pet Resort offers kitty condos for cat boarding, and luxury suites to pamper the pooches with their dog boarding needs. And dog boarding includes daily exercise, so your dogs will be mentally and physically stimulated during their stay at Bend Pet Resort.

Book a room with the Bend Pet Resort for your Bend, Oregon pet boarding needs.

Bend Pet Resort in Bend, Oregon offers dog boarding and cat boarding services

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Pets are our passion here at Bend Pet Resort in Bend, Oregon. We love to provide not only dog boarding services, but a place for dogs to run and play...t o expend some energy before they return back home.

Our dog boarding services are catered to meet the needs to each particular pet, and we even have cat condos, too!

Dogs being boarded here at our Bend, Oregon facility have daily exercise built into their stay with Bend Pet Resort. Ensuring they get to socialize, as well as getting mental and physical stimulation.

Be sure to book your dog boarding room with Bend Pet Resort soon... we tend to fill up quickly as we get closer to spring break!

Bend Pet Resort - dog boarding oregon

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While we might be dealing with SNOW again here in Bend, Oregon, Spring Break is only ONE MONTH AWAY!

Bend Pet Resort wants to know what your plans are... and if you've got any plans for your PETS yet! Because no matter where you decide to wander, Bend Pet Resort is here for your dog and cat boarding needs. Our pet boarding services include daily walks and playtime for your dogs, so it's as if they're on vacation, too!

Bend Pet Resort books up quickly, so be sure to book a room for your pet soon!

Bend Pet Resort in Bend, Oregon - dog boarding and cat boarding in Oregon

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Bend Pet Resort is day-dreaming of SPRING BREAK! We're more than ready to hit the Deschutes River and all the trails here in Bend, Oregon, and think you might be, too!

But if you can't take the pup with you on your Oregon adventure, book an overnight stay with the Bend Pet Resort. We provide customized pet care so your dog or cat will feel like THEY'RE on vacation, too! But don't delay... our dog boarding rooms and kitty condos book up pretty quickly when the weather turns nice!

Bend Pet Resort in Bend Oregon, for dog boarding needs

Check out Bend Pet Resort for your customized pet care boarding needs!

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The 60 degree weather here in Bend, Oregon has us dreaming of SPRING BREAK! Have you given your plans any thought yet?

Bend Pet Resort in Bend, Oregon is a great place to turn to when you're traveling with dogs but can't take them everywhere you go. We offer overnight dog boarding as well as drop-off doggie daycare. We even offer kitty condos for cat boarding!

So you can head out and play, knowing your pet is safe and sound (and even getting some exercise).

Visit our website to see some of your boarding options at our Bend, Oregon facility.

Bend Pet Resort offers the perfect spring break solution for your dog boarding needs in Bend, Oregon

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DID YOU KNOW?! We're NOT just about the dogs... Bend Pet Resort offers CAT boarding, too!

We have kitty condos available for your cat boarding needs, and each one offers a window view of our gorgeous Bend, Oregon location.

So instead of coming home from vacation to a bit of cat destruction around the house, you can rest easy knowing they will be taken care of at our Oregon pet boarding facility, and will still get the cat cuddles and attention they need!

Visit this page and scroll down for more information on our cat boarding services.

Bend Pet Resort in Bend, Oregon - offers custom pet boarding including kitty condos for cat boarding

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Today is NATIONAL HUG DAY! Have you hugged your dog yet???

We're happily sharing some puppy love with a few lucky dogs boarding with us over at Bend Pet Resort!

These Bend, Oregon dogs are some of the happiest we've seen. Maybe it's the fresh air they can play in as part of their daily activities while boarding with us, or maybe it's the customized care they receive here at the Bend Pet Resort.

In any case, we're happy to share some daily hugs with the dogs here at Bend Pet Resort.

Bend Pet Resort - Custom Pet Care - Bend, Oregon


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It's raining AGAIN here in Bend, Oregon. Some of the dogs who stay with us at the Bend Pet Resort LOVE it, and others loathe it. Our dog daycare at Bend Pet Resort provides both indoor AND outdoor areas, so we can cater to all types of dog personalities.

Whether your dog boarding with us at the Bend Pet Resort chooses to splash around in the water a bit, or snuggle up indoors instead, rest assured that they will be happy with their daycare experience.

Check out our Bend, Oregon dog boarding and dog daycare details here:

Bend Pet Resort - custom pet care in Bend, Oregon

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